Screen capture of Canopy CEO, Shan Sinha in a video interview with Jon Fortt
December 12, 2023

News: Shan Sinha, Canopy CEO: A Fortt Knox Update

Jon Fortt interviews Shan Sinha about Canopy’s mission using technology to protect hospital staff from violence

Thank you to Jon Fortt, Fortt Knox Host and CNBC Anchor, for highlighting the problem of violence against healthcare workers and interviewing Shan Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Canopy. "Canopy’s commitment to customers is that we are building a company they can depend on as long-term partners, which is critical for healthcare systems. They don’t want to be changing their technology. They want to know the product they have deployed, they can depend on and can continue to depend on,” says Shan in discussing why we exited stealth after four years.

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