Wearable safety. Everywhere.

Canopy safeguards healthcare providers with real-time wearable safety technology and unmatched support.

Image of a phone with a Canopy alert as as well as the Canopy ButtonImage of a phone with a Canopy alert as as well as the Canopy Button
 Image of the Canopy Protect suite of solutions, including the Canopy Security Console, the Canopy Indoor and Outdoor Gateway, a phone with a Canopy alert, and the Canopy Button.

Purpose-built and proven technology

Canopy Protect is a comprehensive duress alerting system top health systems use to help prevent workplace violence.

Delivering unmatched benefits

Canopy Protect helps health systems meet Joint Commission requirements for workplace violence prevention. We are the key to staff well-being.

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Prevent violence

Proactively identify and de-escalate potential threats, creating a secure space for everyone.

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Increase retention

When staff feel safe and supported, they're more likely to stay and contribute to your hospital's success.

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Focus on patient care

Your staff can dedicate their full attention to what matters most – providing top-notch care to your patients.

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Improve patient outcomes

Create an atmosphere where everyone is committed to maintaining a secure and supportive environment.

Staff are no longer alone...

“While we can’t make assaults against healthcare workers stop, we can provide every staff member on your team an easy, reliable, and effective way to silently alert for help if they feel threatened. When a team member can quickly press a button and discreetly alert security and nearby colleagues of their name and precise location, it is a game changer in violence prevention when seconds matter. Staff are no longer alone when they wear a Canopy Protect button.”

A portrait of Amy Burton, CXO of Canopy.
Amy Burton

VP of Customer Experience at Canopy

Creating a better work environment


Healthcare workers protected


Locations deployed


Alerts triggered in 2023


Uptime, 24/7/365 monitoring

40 leading health systems trust our solution

Canopy’s technology has been successfully implemented across 40 of the largest and most complex health systems. As we continue to bring new products to market, we’re delighted to continue to collaborate with customers to create innovative solutions 
to safeguard our 6 million healthcare workers across the country.

A map with all of the locations where Canopy Protect safeguards employees.