Your staff deserves to feel safe

Canopy Protect safeguards healthcare providers with real-time wearable safety technology and unmatched support

Transforming workplace safety across the country

Canopy Protect, our flagship product, is protecting 210,000 healthcare staff across more than 800 locations.

Are you contemplating how to reduce the risk of workplace violence against your hospital staff? Are you trying to improve security within your healthcare facility? At Canopy, we are harnessing technology to revolutionize work environments, making them safer and more secure.

A group of medical professionals  dressed in scrubs walking down a hospital hallway away from the observer.

Proven technology to protect your team

Canopy Protect, previously sold only through distributors as a white–labeled brand since 2019, is now available through Canopy. Our trusted and proven solution is an end-to-end staff safety system that helps prevent workplace violence. Customers currently using our technology can easily migrate to Canopy Protect WITHOUT replacing any hardware or software already deployed.

Image of Canopy's duress button

Wearable Duress Buttons

Wearable buttons, offered in a variety of styles with up to a 5-year battery life, allow staff to instantly call for help.

Image of Canopy's plug in gateway

Real-time Location

Gateways are mapped to hospital floor plans so security knows who needs help and precisely where they are located in real-time.

Image of a computer with Canopy's product user interface on the display showing an alert taking place.

Alert Notifications

Security dispatch, trained personnel, and nearby colleagues are notified within seconds of a team member alerting for help.

33 leading health systems trust our solution

Canopy’s technology has been successfully implemented across 33 of the largest and most complex health systems. As we exit stealth, we’re delighted to foster and deepen those relationships. Working directly with customers to collaborate and innovate is that critical connection needed to transform safety for our 6 million healthcare workers across the country. 

Map of the United States with points indicating all of the locations Canopy services

About Canopy Protect

Canopy Protect is a comprehensive, discreet duress alerting system that empowers staff to call for help and receive a rapid response 24/7/365 from any location covered by Canopy, indoors or outdoors. Canopy Protect includes all of the capabilities available in the editions currently being resold by our distribution partners AND includes exciting new capabilities, including coverage for parking garages, outdoor spaces, and buttons with 5-year battery life.

Woman evading a threatening person in a parking garage.

A New Level of Safety

Team members can alert for help at first signs of a duress situation to allow for early intervention and de-escalation. Surveys from healthcare workers using our system reveal an immediate sense of safety and a feeling of being cared about by their health system

Close up on the hand of a healthcare worker pressing the Canopy duress button.

Simple to Use

When staff press the button on their wearable badge, their name and real-time location is displayed on a series of alert notifications within seconds of alerting for help. Security Dispatch views the alert on hospital floor plans to easily locate team member(s) in duress.

Alert being received on a smartphone from the Canopy duress system

Customized Alert Handling

Canopy alert notifications are sent to security, assigned groups, and nearby colleagues within seconds of a staff member pressing their button. Alert notifications are delivered to any type of communication device that staff are carrying with a simple integration.

Creating a better work environment


Healthcare workers protected

With Canopy Protect, over 210,000 healthcare workers have found an effective solution to prevent workplace violence because those caring for us deserve protection.


Locations deployed

Our system protects staff across 800+ locations, transforming workplaces into safer, more secure environments. Because safety shouldn't be limited; it should be everywhere.


Alerts triggered in 2023

In 2023 alone, over 20,000 duress alerts were triggered through our system. Real-time location information and custom workflows keep you one step ahead.


Uptime, 24/7/365 monitoring

Experience peace of mind with the reliability of Canopy Protect, which already supports an average of 60 alerts per day. Your safety is not just a priority; it's a daily commitment.

Staff are no longer alone...

“While we can’t make assaults against healthcare workers stop, we can provide every staff member on your team an easy, reliable, and effective way to silently alert for help if they feel threatened. When a team member can quickly press a button and discreetly alert security and nearby colleagues of their name and precise location, it is a game changer in violence prevention when seconds matter. Staff are no longer alone when they wear a Canopy Protect button.”

A portrait of Amy Burton, CXO of Canopy.
Amy Burton

VP of Customer Experience at Canopy

Bring peace of mind to your healthcare environment

Canopy Protect delivers unparalleled benefits for staff and helps hospitals meet Joint Commission requirements for workplace violence prevention.

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Prevent violence

Proactively identify and de-escalate potential threats, creating a secure space for everyone.

Icon of a group of people

Promote a Culture of Safety

Create an atmosphere where everyone is committed to maintaining a secure and supportive environment.

Icon of a two hearts

Staff feels safer

Canopy Protect ensures your staff feels secure, fostering an environment of confidence.

Icon of two people side by side

Improved staff retention

When staff feel safe and supported, they're more likely to stay and contribute to your hospital's success.

Icon of a person with a heart in front of them

Focus on patients

Your staff can dedicate their full attention to what matters most – providing top-notch care to your patients.

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More effective security

Canopy Protect redefines security, making it more than a measure – it's a solution.