How Canopy Protect works

Canopy Protect is a comprehensive, discreet duress alerting system that empowers staff to call for help and receive a rapid response 24/7/365 from any location covered by Canopy, indoors or outdoors.


Staff faces threat

Within the dynamic healthcare landscape, challenges are inevitable. Canopy Protect is the constant companion, ensuring safety around the clock, 365 days a year. Prioritizing the well-being of your team is our commitment.

A healthcare worker's arm is being grabbed by a threatening patient or visitor.

Staff press button

In moments of potential threat, a simple press of the Canopy button notifies security, trained staff, and nearby colleagues of the name and precise location of the team member in duress. This initiates a rapid, coordinated response within seconds of the alert for help.

Image of a healthcare worker pushing the Canopy duress button during a threat

Security is alerted and dispatched

Equipped with real-time location tracking, responders and security personnel swiftly pinpoint the exact location of your team member. This precision allows for quick and effective intervention, minimizing the impact of potential incidents.

A security guard receiving a threat alert on his phone.

Threat is mitigated

Canopy Protect serves as a comprehensive safety infrastructure. Its features offer a vital lifeline, customizable notifications for swift mobilization, and real-time location tracking for precise response coordination, transforming potential crises into controlled, managed resolutions.

Healthcare worker smiling after having the safety threat resolved.

Incidence details are reported and logged

Every button press, alert, and response is meticulously recorded, providing valuable data with timestamps, names, and exact locations. This detailed account enables thorough analysis for ongoing improvement. Canopy Protect is more than a promise; it's a strategic investment in your healthcare environment's safety.

A list of logged data from a threat event with a green highlight over the text; Alert Resolved.

Tech for comprehensive staff safety

Icon of a clock with a checkmark.

Technology made easy

Designed to be the fastest and easiest technology solution your hospital will implement, allowing your team to focus on patient care.

Icon of a Canopy duress button badge.

Increased security reach

Canopy Protect equips your staff with personal duress buttons, offering a more effective alternative to fixed panic buttons. 

Icon of a checklist on a clipboard.

Full audit trail

Every button press, notification, and response action is automatically recorded with a time stamp, name, and precise location.

Icon of a shield

Safety in all locations

Wearables are not confined to specific areas; they work seamlessly in patient rooms, lounges, restrooms, parking garages, and basements.

Icon of a magnifying glass over a bar graph.

Critical insights

Reveal critical insights and patterns related to increased violence against staff, allowing you to deploy resources and mitigate risks effectively.

A graph displaying healthcare facility incidences for each day day of the week.

Gain insights into staff safety

Our powerful reporting allows you to analyze:

  • Locations with the highest duress incidents
  • Areas of risk
  • Types of staff most frequently in duress
  • Prevalence of violence
  • Average security response time
  • Patterns in violence by days and times

This data allows for comparison by unit, floor, building, campus, and region, providing valuable insights for strategic safety planning.

Coverage anywhere and everywhere you need it

Canopy Protect safeguards staff across all your indoor and outdoor facilities - from hospitals and clinics to parking garages, even areas without power, WiFI, or cellular service.

Indoor protection

Location protection for any individual who signals for duress anywhere in the building covered by Canopy. The fully managed infrastructure installs invisibly and remains out of the way.

Outdoor protection

Extend coverage for parking lots, garages, and other outdoor locations so staff can use the same button to alert for help anywhere on campus.

Deployment flexibility

Canopy Protect offers dual-band gateways that support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks for maximum deployment flexibility. This new alternative to our standard gateway supports improved positioning capabilities, reducing deployment density requirements in many cases and speeding up deployment times. Gateways are simply plugged into power outlets, connected to hospital WiFi, and programmed to match hospital floor plans.

Our outdoor gateways are battery powered and use a private LoRaWAN network. These gateways are maintained by Canopy personnel and do not need power, WiFi, or cellular service.

Image of Canopy's network of products used to support the duress system.

Immediate protection for every staff member

Personal duress buttons, offered in either a pendant-style or a badge design, arrive pre-configured with each staff member’s name and ready for distribution to provide immediate protection for every staff member.  

Wearable buttons will work at any location in your health system covered by Canopy Protect. This allows team members that rotate between facilities can use their badge in any location to call for help.  

Alert Monitoring & Notifications

Security dispatch monitors the Canopy Protect dashboard, views the alert on hospital floor plans and receives real-time location updates to quickly mobilize first responders.  A centralized security dispatch can monitor multiple locations within a health system from anywhere.

Our system easily integrates with communications systems such as Vocera, ASCOM, Zebra, iPhones, TigerConnect, and Connexall so staff can receive alert notifications on any type of device they use while at work. 

Image of a computer with Canopy's product user interface on the display showing an alert taking place.

Designed for fast, turn-key deployment

The Canopy team guarantees a lightning-fast implementation of Canopy Protect.  With our turn-key deployment, our team handles all aspects of implementation.

Icon of a person with a gear in front of them.

Alert management

Security roles and procedures, escalation procedures, security console-setup

Icon of an electrical outlet

Mapping & installation

Floor plan loading, zone definitions, gateway mapping, and installation 

Icon a an alarm bell ringing with a gear in front of it

Customized notifications

Proximity-based notification config, subscribed notifications, contact info setup, and support for all common hospital messaging systems.

Icon of a clipboard with a bar graph on it

Continuity planning

Downtime procedures, staff notifications, console and system monitoring

Icon of a Canopy duress button

Button logistics

Distribution stations, onboarding and off-boarding procedures, button replacement

Icon of a chat bubble

Training & education

Dispatcher and staff training, admin and executive education, IT and systems training

SOC 2 compliance official badge.

Security designed for health systems

Our SOC 2 certification and security best practices implemented in every part of the solution enable us to partner with your IT team and navigate your information security requirements quickly and comprehensively.

Canopy Protect is sold as a SaaS model so you don’t have budget for any Capital expenses.