Image of Canopy Go, Canopy LocationID Network, Canopy Button, and Canopy Security Console.

Canopy Protect:

Real-time wearable safety technology

Canopy Protect is a comprehensive, discreet duress alerting system top health systems use to help prevent workplace violence.

Image of Canopy Go, Canopy LocationID Network, Canopy Button, and Canopy Security Console.Image of a phone with a Canopy alert as as well as the Canopy Button

Increase your safety not your headcount

Our fully customizable, cloud-based solution connects all members of your healthcare team to your security dispatch center and to each other to safeguard your most important assets — your people.

Once an alert is activated, your security team and nearby individuals are notified to the potential safety concern. Response times and movements are tracked to create an audit trail of each event. Leaders receive detailed analysis and trend reports to assist in the evaluation of response protocols and inform resource allocation decisions.

Graphic with two measurement readers, highlighting that Canopy is fully customizable

Fully Customizable

Support and enhance your existing security protocols.

A graphic of a magnifying glass.

Critical Insights

Reveal patterns related to increased violence against staff.

Graphic of a report to show that Canopy includes an audit trail.

Complete Audit Trail

Every response is recorded to help plan for the future.

Delivered as a fully managed end-to-end service

We provide effective solutions that integrate with your existing systems with minimal effort from your teams.

Our per-user pricing model includes hardware and software installation and maintenance, comprehensive system monitoring, and staff onboarding and training.

Graphic of a puzzle where all pieces fit together.

3rd-party integration

  • Use existing communications systems
and directory lists
  • Integrate through Cloud or Behind-the-VPN APIs
  • Camera system integration
  • SAML-based authentication
  • SOC 2 Compliant
Graphic of an alert on a computer screen.

Alert management

  • Define security roles
  • Determine escalation procedures
  • Monitor response times
  • Monitor event actions
  • Alert local law enforcement
Graphic of a notification on a phone.

Customized notifications

  • Subscriptions
  • Proximity-based notification configuration 
  • Contact information setup
Graphic of a map and magnifying glass.

Mapping & installation

  • Floor plan loading
  • Zone definitions
  • LocationID Network mapping & installation
Graphic of headphones.

24/7 support

  • Comprehensive system monitoring
  • Dispatcher monitoring 
  • Stealth diagnostic system
  • 24/7 call center
Graphic of employees watching a training & education video

Training & education

  • Security dispatcher training
  • IT & Systems training
  • Staff training
  • Administrator & executive education